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Running with IBS

Running with IBS isnt always an easy thing to do, you never know when any sort of attack is going to happen or in what form. The best we can do is go with the flow, if you've already made your mind up to go for a run then that's half the battle won. The battles in your head can be far harder than the battle out there on your run. The thoughts of uncertainty running through your brain can some days make you just not bother heading out of the door for a run.

As hard as those feelings and thoughts are, we must not give in to them and let IBS rule us. Yes it's a constant battle but one which we can fight and conquer. If it's a race you've already booked and paid for, I find that's enough to get me out the door at least. The thought of losing good money for something that may or not happen is enough for me to kick my own butt out of that door on a race day. Training days can be much harder to cope with I must admit, but yet again we have to beat that urge to stay safe, even if the pains have already kicked in.

In this section I will try and share my experiences with you all, from my race days, my training days, my succeses and failures. I will share my food intake and the odd recipe that make up most of my dietary needs in and out of running with IBS, and maybe a few stories.

Once again PLEASE note that this is just MY experience as I am not qualified to tell anyone what's right or wrong either with IBS, Fodmap or running - exercising. I am just sharing it all for anyone to read.