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Dietary needs

As an IBS sufferer my dietary needs are slightly more complicated than a normal runner would need to satisfy what the body needs. Obviously we need the same macros to be fulfilled on a daily basis but many of the recommended foods to fuel our runs can often be out of reach to us, therefore a complete diet isnt that easy.

Many foods can trigger IBS attacks at any time, so we MUST avoid those trigger foods, especially before and on race days if we want to get through it without incident. The last thing we want on race day is a flare up of any kind.

My dietary needs have been rigorously tested by myself and my dietitian and I do tend to stick very closely to my safe foods, but some days you just need a chocolate fix or something you know you shouldn't, just to feel normal again.

My new training plan is going to call for dietary changes so I can take in more calories for the extra miles. I'm working again with my dietitian to sort out the necessary changes needed along my journey and will document my new needs in full as and when they are complete.



The foods I can and do eat regularly are probably easier to simply list them out. I do try and stick to my Macros as much as I can, week in week out but race days I pile on the protein as it helps me through the day.

Cereal .. usually 1 weetabix mixed with crunchy nut cornflakes and some other nutty cereal .. with either almond milk or coconut milk drink
Or raisen and cinammon bagel with peanut butter and jam
Sometimes I will have porridge oats with almond or coconut milk

Stir fried
Brown basmati rice
Egg noodles, straight to wok noodles

Boneless chicken breasts, turkey, pork chops, bacon rarely but sometimes in salad

Green beans, asparagus .. rarely ocassionally broccoli .. Kale,
Sweet potato, aubergines, courgettes, kalettes, turnip,
Salad leaves, rocket, spinach, cucumber, sweet peppers, pomegranate, Kiwi fruit, Bananas, easy peel oranges, boiled egg, red cabbage
Chinese 5 spice, turmeric, basil, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, groundnut oil for stir frying.
Redbush tea
No dairy due to eczema

Plenty of water

I don’t buy any processed foods except my cereals and peanut butter etc

I do eat the odd oatie biscuit

Sometimes I will eat the odd poached egg with baked beans, but obviously not often.
Ocassionally I will eat canned tuna and mussels, but not often enough to make a difference ... i'm not a seafood person.

This is a comprehensive list of what eat on a day to day basis .. meals will consist of a stir fry meal and a salad with sweet potato and some form of protein rich lean meat.

I do throw in the odd nuts in my salads and stir fry’s and I grind my own seeds and they get added in salads and my cereals .. around a teaspoon in each most days when I remember .. flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, quinoa, sessame seeds.

Some days if I’m busy doing something I will skip meals as I forget to eat, mainly when I’m off work. Work seems to help me regulate my food intake.