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Due to my rather limited safe foods my meals tend to be a lot of the same, day in day out, but I prep my meals in advance about once a week I do a big cook up and pop it all in containers in the fridge. This is the only way I can control what's actually in my food .. I only buy a few mass produced things off the shelf for my day to day meals to make life easier for myself.

At the minute im on a strict 3 meals a day but that may have to change due to marathon training so my staples may have to be enhanced to include more calories.

I will in this section post some of my meal choices, as I cook them up I will photograph them and list the ingredients. Any help with safe meals i'm sure will be welcome to any other IBS sufferer, although these meals are safe for myself, they may not suit everyone. Check the ingredients before trying them yourself and make sure your safe foods are the same as mine. I would hate to think my foods would harm any other sufferer out there.

I hope you like what you see and please note .. most of these meals take harldy any time to cook as I mainly stir fry them. All of my meals are reheated in a microwave and usually last around a week in the fridge in sealed containers.