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Starting out as a runner

So just how does a person who has never run anything more than a bath get into running in the first place? Let alone an IBS sufferer.

Well I wasn’t diagnosed as having IBS when I started to run, I’m now quite sure that my IBS was caused by my wanting to be fit and start running.
I was over weight and physically didn’t lift anything more than a pint pot a few times a week so running really wasn’t In my head at all back then. I was working a really sedentary security job in an empty warehouse with absolutely nothing to do for 12 hrs a night.. could that be any unhealthier !!!!
So I get this idea in my head that I need to lose weight and get fit .. ffs I’m over 40 now and I really should start looking after myself right?

I delved into what’s cheap or even free to do .. I’m not a gym bunny and hate the testosterone filled rooms full of arrogant meat heads flexing themselves in front of full length mirrors while trying to look good. Really not what I wanted to do .. I wasn’t averse to lifting weights though so I bought a small set of three dumbbells and during the looooong hours at work I started to use them .. I had no idea of what I was doing except for what I was reading on the Internet. I think I started doing about a twenty minute run through of various low weight exercises and to be honest it felt good.

The exercises gradually got more and more and squats and pull ups on the toilet cubicle doors came into the workouts .. slowly I could feel some arm strength appearing from nowhere and that felt good too .. I was loving this new lease of life, but I needed some form of release and some sort of aerobic activity in with it all.
I researched again on the internet for free activities and running kept popping up more and more as I delved deeper into it all.
I was never going to be a runner .. in my mind I couldn’t even run for a bus these days .. my mind set was such because I really hated it at school .. I was always bullied for being the poor fat kid on the block .. not that I was obese back then but I was slightly bigger than some of my school mates that’s for sure .. I hated my school days so much and I guess this is what was holding me back from even trying to run. Also the fact¬† that living in a small ex mining village, it really wasn’t the most manly thing to do in their eyes .. the bullies and arseholes that lived, and still live in the village.
However I had to try something .. no one could see me if I did it at work, so that’s where I started my running journey.
My first attempts at running weren’t even running .. I knew I couldn’t just get up and go for a run .. I’d near kill myself if I tried that.
The weights continued and I gradually started implementing leg raises .. I bought myself a Fitbit as I was curious as to just how little I was doing in a day .. the results were shocking !!!

That’s it, I’m going for it, I had to say to myself .. now is the time before it’s too late. Time to step up to the plate and help try and alter my physical health and shit.
I set myself a goal of doing 10’000 steps a day on my Fitbit .. however I was going to achieve that I hadn’t a clue but it was going to have¬† to be done.
At first I started walking around more and doing leg raises and more squats .. also adding in some counter top press ups .. this was good to build my stamina for other things.
The next step was to start jogging on the spot .. mainly during ad breaks on the tv I was watching while I worked doing nothing.
I was getting in my steps in no time at all this way .. and my breathing was catching up with me which was good to know.
The leg raises now turned into slow jogging up and down the room while raising slightly lower .. I was for all intense purposes beginning to actually run.
This lasted a few months through a cold winter at work .. but the empty warehouse was beckoning to me .. I had this huge area to now try and run in.
It started with a couple of laps here and there and continuing the weights routine I’d worked out for myself.
The more I did the more my lungs expanded to give me more airspace .. that tight feeling in my lungs was getting easier and easier to deal with the longer I ran around and around that vast empty space.
My clothes were feeling looser and Ill fitting .. it was somehow working in my favour and the weight was slowly starting to disperse making me feel good about what I was doing and had achieved so far with my exercise and with the new diet I had begun. I had started to change my life and my ways for the better and I was loving it.

The steps I was putting in now were well over the 10’000 mark on a daily basis, some days I’d actually doubled that amount just with my running around the warehouse space. Summer had arrived and hey, there’s a huge car park outside .. no one around to see me so why don’t I go outside in the summer air and train ?

I started outdoor runs in no time and even resorted to doing some short sprints and various other variants on running .. I was doing good. Then one night in 2015 I was reading our company newsletter and there was an article on running a 10k in London of all places .. closed roads and stuff, past all the tourist attractions etc etc. And best of all the company we’re sponsoring it and us, free registration into the race .. the vitality London 10k was the one I would run in that year .. I was excited as hell and my training runs at work went up to 5k in no time, but it was kinda boring running round and round so I braved it out on the roads .. I lived in a semi rural area and there were plenty of places to go, away from those dickheads that would laugh and mock me. 5k got easier and easier so my miles just went up and up until I was actually running 10k training runs .. before I’d even done the London race .. I could do this .. I could safely and confidently run this distance .. little did I know that I was actually getting quite good at this, until race day when I set off with all those other REAL runners as I would call them back then .. I fitted in .. I wasn’t the fat kid at the back of the pack .. I was actually a mid fielder within thousands of runners.

That very first medal was the best thing I had ever achieved in my life at that point .. I sooooooo wanted that day to go well and it did, in so many ways. I was technically now a runner.



my first ever 10k race photo

My first ever race